08 August 2017

Death by diversity

All you folks who consider me a xenophobic, Islamophobic racist who's ten miles to the right of Genghis Khan...you'll most likely be perplexed by this post.

The murder of Justine Damond was not a Black thing, an Islamic thing or an immigrant thing.  This was a 'social justice' thing.

Mohamed Noor is a shrimpy little guy, who, by most accounts, was very nervous and jumpy.  He did not have the build or the temperament suitable for being a police officer.  I'd be saying the same thing if he were a White Christian American.  But if he were a White Christian American, he never would have been a cop.  He'd have washed out of the academy.  They'd have been all, "Sorry, dude, police work just isn't in your future."

But the Leftists and SJW's of Minneapolis just had to have a Somali officer, no matter what.  Diversity at any price.  Well, now we know the exact price of their folly:  The life of an innocent citizen, taken by an idiot who started blasting away at an unarmed citizen at an (alleged) 'loud noise.'

This is less the fault of Mohamed Noor than of those who put that badge on him in the first place.  Minneapolitans, you put these fools into office, and you share the blame for this poor woman's death.  Hope you're proud of yourselves. 

20 February 2017

The Left takes aim at Milo

Seems that the Evil Overlords have realized that "Dangerous Faggot iz dangerous."  Hence the orchestrated attack which we actually got a heads-up on right before all heck broke loose.

"FYI the MSM has a huge f*cking media onslaught that is set to go live Monday to scorch earth Milo and destroy him via the pedophile label.

"I'm part of a mailing list (not giving my real name or the name of the list for the sake of protecting my ass from retaliation) but they have been sitting on the story for a while, because they thought Milo was small fries and wanted to wait until he got big enough a thread to go nuclear on. "

Luckily, anyone who still believes the Mushroom Media does anything but lie, spin and attack anyone to the right of Karl Marx, is a drooling idiot.  Or a 'journalist.'  But I repeat myself.  Most of America, including, especially, anyone familiar with Milo, will see this for the smear job it is.  The folks at the Treehouse certainly do, even though...

"I don’t know much, almost nothing, about Mr. Yiannopoulos – but I do know enough to spot a political UniParty approach that is as historic and familiar as the Swamp itself.  Mr. Yiannopoulos has all the same enemies as President Trump; that cannot be coincidental."

Don't be fooled, y'all.  This is nothing more than an attempt to take down one of our staunchest allies.  Whatever you may think about Mr. Yiannopolis' sexuality, he's on our side and doing a hell of a job taking it to the enemy.  Direct your fire downrange and don't fall for the propagandists' lies.

As for whether I care about the disinvite by CPAC, I'll let the Big Sexy himself tackle that issue:

"Don’t get me wrong, AWD would enjoy hanging out with some of the bloggers and people I respect that I don’t see very often. We’ve had a lot of fun and accomplished some good things together over the years. But the reasons listed above are why AWD will not attend CPAC this year or any time in the future. I have never been very good at kissing asses and don’t like not being able to look at myself in the mirror. And I will never support anything or anyone who is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood!"

Read All The Things.  "Powers and principalities" doesn't always refer to angels and demons.

18 February 2017

A lot can happen in 18 months...

Some of you might remember this post from August 2015.  I was convinced that Hillary was going to be elected.  I figured we were doomed.  I thought that even if Trump were serious, he could do nothing against the entrenched globalist machine.

I have never been so happy to be completely, utterly wrong.

President Donald J. Trump came in with guns blazing.  He's shown us that he's deadly serious about Making America Great Again, and he'll do whatever it takes to accomplish that mission.  The Left is going absolutely guano* and showing everyone what they've always been--a bunch of spoiled children willing to destroy anything and everything that stands in the way of their agenda of ultimate power and control.  The Cocktail Party GOP establishment are soiling themselves in terror.  And normal Americans?  We're delirious with joy at finally having someone in the White House who's ON OUR SIDE--something that hasn't been seen since Ronald Reagan.

It isn't over.  Not by a long shot.  But we now have something I thought we'd lost forever.

We have a chance.

*I figure this is a more polite term than 'batshit.'

19 January 2017

Of fisticuffs, honor and politics

I beg your forgiveness for using 'honor' in the same sentence as 'politics.'  Mea culpa and all that.

There are two types of fights outside of straight-up warfare.  One is a fight; a contest between honorable, civilized men, where a difference in opinion has become physical.  In this contest, there are commonly understood rules of engagement.  The other is a streetfight, where the only rule is that the winner is the one who lives to walk away.

Let's say Bob and Doug are fixin' to fight.  Bob said Doug was one of those, and Doug said Bob's mother was too, or however it started.  Both Bob and Doug, being civilized and honorable men, are entering the contest with the supposition that this is a fight, not a streetfight.  Fists start flying, and Doug ends up getting the worst of it.  Doug finally hollers out, "OK!  I give up!!"

Since this is a fight between civilized and honorable men, Bob immediately stops hitting Doug, probably helps him up, and if Doug fought a good fight and Bob's really righteous, Bob will buy Doug a beer.  Honorable, civilized men know that you don't keep beating on another honorable and civilized man who has surrendered.  This is a core concept of honor and civilization.

Now, let's posit that Doug says "I give up!" and then, when Bob turns away, Doug starts swinging again.  This changes the game.  Doug has proven himself to be a liar, untrustworthy--a dishonorable man.  Bob can no longer trust Doug's pleas of surrender, and therefore, this is no longer a fight.  It is now a streetfight, and Bob will continue the beating until he decides the fight is over, because that's how a streetfight works.  Doug decided to turn a fight into a streetfight, and Bob agreed to the terms Doug set.

If you're insufficiently conversant with the concept, go watch a bunch of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies until it sinks in.  This is how men used to interact.  It worked.

Now, let us observe the current dynamic of Left/Globalist, Right/Nationalist interaction.  Now that the God-Emperor Trump has won the White House, and the Left has been repudiated at every level of government across the nation outside of the elitist coastal enclaves, we're hearing a whole lot of bleating from the defeated.  Talk of 'bipartisanship,' 'cooperation,' 'reaching across the aisle,' 'compromise' and all sorts of hippy-dippy, patchouli-soaked, kumbayah platitudes.

Those of you with a memory span longer than that of a fruit fly might remember these same folks back in '09-'10, when the Left had a supermajority in Congress, and held the White House.  As soon as they held the reins of power, it was all "We won, you lost, F.U."  All that peace and love stuff went right out the window.  It's what they've always done, and what they'll do again if they're ever given the chance.  This is the political equivalent of Doug saying "I give up!" and then swinging a brick at our heads the moment we turn our backs.  Anyone who, at this point, doesn't understand that this is--and always was--a streetfight, simply needs to sit down and shut up.

No, Leftists, we're not falling for it again.  We expected you to act with honor, and you proved yourselves honorless.  Now, the beating will continue until WE decide it's over.  We will not 'compromise' or 'cooperate.'  We will crush you, see you driven before us, and hear the lamentations of your women.  We wanted a straight fight.  You made it into a streetfight.  It was your call...now you can just deal with the consequences.

03 September 2016

Why I've been gone for a while

Because I've realized the same thing Brian did...most people just don't care.

I may be back, I may not.  Whatever happens will happen the way Almighty God has ordained, and I'm just going to follow where He leads me and leave the rest up to Him.

30 August 2015

The eternally-brash Nicki on the Hugos

Language warning: Nicki can blister the paint off a battleship and make a Drill Sergeant blush.

I was that same nerd Nikki was.  And I thank God for that experience, because it taught me to value the substantial over the superficial.  I have a dream:  to someday live in a world where artists are judged not by the color of their skin, or their gender, or their faith(or lack thereof), or who they have relations with, or who they voted for, but by the talent they display.

Sounds a little familiar, doesn't it...?

21 August 2015

So, there's this one guy...

I'm going to say a few things here that may be cryptic to some of my readers.  If you don't get it, don't worry about it.

I've always had a funny feeling about this person.  He claims to be a Patriot, but there always seemed something suspicious about him.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it, however, and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  Being a Christian, and trying to be a man of honor, I do not want to bear false witness, even mistakenly.  So I'll just post my observations here and let you draw your own conclusions.

This man runs a blog on Blogger--a public and unsecured site.

He associates with a known con man who claims to be a "chaplain," even though this 'reformed' con man was cold busted running a con mere days after he claimed to have come to Christ(Hell is REALLY unpleasant, buddy, and it lasts FOREVER).

He's posted a number of polls asking questions like "How well trained are you?"  "Do you have military experience?"  "Are you a team or a lone wolf?"  "How many Patriots in your AO?"  "How quick can you muster?"  On Blogger--a public and unsecured site.  This is intel that does not need to be shared online.

No matter how good you think you are at IT security, the Forces of Evil are better.  The instant you answer those questions, they know immediately who you are, where you are and what you said.  Only a truly stupid man would do that, and--as you can tell from this man's writing--he is not stupid.

Just sayin'...

10 August 2015

Desert island punditry

Commentators, pundits and political junkies across the nation and around the world are dissin' on The Donald pretty much nonstop.  They can't understand why so many people support him.  In the case of folks like Matt Walsh, they're positively angry that the Trumpsters supposedly 'aren't taking the political process seriously.'

I love ya, Matt, but that's like saying we're not taking a Monty Python movie seriously.  "I would have liked to think that conservatives wouldn’t fall for the Obama Cult of Personality shtick, but they have."  Dude, for real?  Is that what you think this is about?  Not even close.

I might point out that Mr. Trump has actually built a successful business empire by creating products and services that people wanted to buy, not by force, graft and shadowy donations.  I might point out that Mr. Trump doesn't really care what the Mushroom Media thinks of him, and is actually capable of breaking wind without consulting 27 polls first.  I might point out that Mr. Trump is seen as something new and different in an era of worn-out sequels like 'Clinton On K Street II' and 'Night Of The Living Bush III.'  I'm certain that these things are important to some of the Trumpsters, but I feel safe in saying that many of them don't really care about any of this.

We've simply recognized reality:  The American political process is corrupt to the core.  It's nothing but a dog-and-pony show, and we're NOT voting our way out of this.  PERIOD(no debate pun intended).   Let me illustrate in pictures, for those of you who don't quite get it:

And we've basically given up on folks like yourselves who still cling to this farce.  You remind us of the Japanese soldiers they kept finding on desert islands all the way up into the 21st Century, still fighting World War II, absolutely certain that the Land of the Rising Sun would never surrender to a bunch of round-eyed barbarians.  Even if Mr. Trump--or whoever wins--turns out to be the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan, it's too late.  It is now both culturally and mathematically impossible to reverse this kamikaze dive we're in.  Short of a miracle straight from the Lord our God, it can't be done. And considering our actions over the past couple of generations, He damn sure doesn't owe us any favors.

The war for liberty in America is over.  We lost.  All we can do now is accelerate the collapse and prepare to come out fighting on the other side.  And in the meantime, if we can enjoy the spectacle of Statist Party D, Statist Party R and the Mushroom Media all losing their tiny little minds over being told that at least one person simply doesn't give a fart in a windstorm what they think, that's pretty awesome.  If we'd had more of that attitude over the past few decades, America might have survived.

In the meantime, let it burn and pass the marshmallows.

31 July 2015

The founder's views on the 3%

This sort of empty "empire building" was one thing that made the 90s so problematic for the constitutional militia movement, and why I deliberately formulated the Three Percent idea as a movement, an idea, a philosophy and a discipline BUT NOT AN ORGANIZATION. Attempts at large regional, state or national organizations, anything beyond local formations, are subject to infiltration, dysfunction, discredit and collapse. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.

Just sayin'... 

The VERY last word on the Stars & Bars

Publicola's rejoinder to the Anarchangel.  Another long one...

Now that you've presumably read it, I disagree with Mr. Byrne's base assertion - that the confederate battle flag is a symbol of hatred towards black folks. I agree that some if not many black people have this view, but in general it's not quite what it seems.

When a person sees the flag that once flew over the Army of Northern Virginia, they don't see it a as symbol of hatred. They see it as a symbol of The South. They view The South as something that represents hatred. They're gravely mistaken, but that's what they see.

What was missed in that very well thought out post is what southerners see, specifically southerners that grew up in the 1960's through 1990's.

 Lots of things to think about on both sides.  Make up your own mind.