21 August 2014

The race-baiters ain't touching this one. Go figure.

You'd think Sharpton, Jackson and the Usual Gang of Idiots would be all over the Shaneen Allen case like bikers on a keg.  Especially now that this has come to light:

Whatever we eventually learn about what happened in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, Michael Brown is beyond mortal help. The same is not true of Shaneen Allen, a 27-year-old working mother of two and robbery victim who faces an eleven-year prison term for the supposed offense of carrying a legally licensed firearm.

Like the late Mr. Brown, Allen – a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- is an African-American. She has no criminal record, and her case is untainted by allegations that she had committed a violent crime.

In planning to take the case to trial this October, Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain is committing what could be construed as a race-specific violation of due process by seeking prison time: As we will shortly see, a white Pennsylvania resident who committed the same “offense” was given a pre-indictment plea deal involving two years of non-supervised probation. McClain’s proposed “deal” for Allen would have included a mandatory three and a half year prison sentence.

(Emphasis mine)  And yet, they're nowhere in sight.  What's up with that?  Are they more concerned about defending Black thugs than Black citizens?  If so, why?

Well, screw those guys anyway.  Ms. Allen's legal defense fund is already 193% met as of this writing.  May the Good Lord bless each and every one of you who kicked in...and I doubt He cares what color you are.

As for prosecutor James P. McClain((609) 909-7800 if you want to give him an earful), may God have mercy on your eternal soul.  Attempting to destroy an innocent woman's life under color of "law" for doing nothing more than exercising her God-given human right, is not the stuff heroes are made of, regardless of what you may believe.  Your 'law' is not just, and your 'authority' is as nothing before the Truth.

14 August 2014

Law vs. justice

Justice appears to be getting its ass kicked.

Whenever some well-meaning (or, perhaps, NOT so well-meaning) people clamor for a law to be passed, borderline anarchists such as myself will attempt to point out the ways said law could backfire and be used to mistreat good, decent people.  Invariably, we are told that that would NEVER EVER happen, that using the law in that way would fly in the face of common sense.

Well, common sense has never been a strong suit of tyrants or liberals(but I repeat myself):

Allen is a Philadelphia resident who was driving through New Jersey when she was pulled over for a routine traffic violation. Having recently completed a firearms training course, she followed correct procedure and informed the officer that she had a handgun stored in the trunk of her car. Because Allen’s gun permit was from Pennsylvania and not from New Jersey, she was arrested and charged with felony gun possession.

It is true that Allen broke the law by having an out-of-state gun in the trunk of her car. Yet she did so unknowingly and she told the police voluntarily. She has no prior criminal record and she poses zero threat to society. If there ever were a case for leniency, this is it.

Yet instead of being reasonable, the Judge and District Attorney are doing everything they can to ruin Allen’s life. In addition to refusing to dismiss her case, the judge last week upheld a decision by the District Attorney to exclude Allen from a diversionary program for first time offenders that would keep her out of prison. They have not provided an explanation as to why she is being excluded from the program.

A completely unConstitutional  "law" is being used to bludgeon a good woman who simply wanted to protect herself through the exercise of her God-given human right.  This goes past insanity and straight into flat-out EVIL.  You can't tell me anything about this is 'well-meaning.'  Not at this point.

Every single person involved in the persecution of Shaneen Allen needs to face charges of depriving a person of their rights under color of law. 

Or have an encounter with a tall lamppost and a short rope.  Whichever.

(Julie, thanks for the heads-up!)

11 August 2014

Nice retirement plan.

Jay Dobyns, in the employ of the ATF, infiltrated the Hells Angels motorcycle club.  His story is here.  Another upstanding government agent scoring a win for the good guys, right?  Surely, the government would see to it that he was well-protected after this mission, right?

Or not.  In fact, not only were he and his family not kept safe, but the story takes an unbelievable turn:

Retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent and author Jay Dobyns released an open letter to Congress on Saturday marking the sixth anniversary of the arson of his home, torched after ATF management failed to provide adequate security following a highly dangerous and protracted undercover investigation.

Dobyns is the plaintiff in a contract dispute suit in which he maintains that, following an undercover operation in which he infiltrated the Hells Angels (a story documented in his book “No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels”), ATF violated an agreement he had with the agency to protect him and his family after credible threats of violence were made. His fears were realized when his house was set ablaze with his wife and children inside, and his alienation from management became complete after the bureau attempted to smear his reputation by maliciously pursuing him as a suspect, despite “two of the nation’s leading arson investigators determined that [he] was not involved."

Instead, real-time leads were ignored, true suspects were not pursued and Dobyns’ telephone calls were illegally recorded. A veteran investigator of numerous high-profile incidents who declared “Jay [is] clean” was removed from the case. That removal was ordered, Dobyns writes, by the same supervisor first named in connection with Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, by insiders discussing agency abuses on the CleanUp ATF website.

Emphasis mine.  This is Mr. Dobyns' reward for his service.  The Angels aren't choirboys, but I'm thinking he'd have been treated a lot better if he'd have joined them for real.

Wonder how Billy Queen's doing?

28 July 2014

Rock & Roll comes full circle

Sorry, leftists...you're nothing but posers.

Today, Sheena is no longer a punk rocker. Instead, she is a disaffected Oppression Studies grad student trying to pay off her $200K student loan debt working part-time at the local Starbucks. She chooses cuddly conformity and cozy control over the excitement of actual independence. Sure, she has a nose piercing the show that she's a rebel, but this rebel’s cause is to replace her helicopter parents with a helicopter government. 

We conservatives want to tear it all down. We conservatives want to smash it up. Liberalism, I want to destroy you. We're where the action is, where the excitement is, where you can hear new music from bands you mainstream liberals have probably never heard of.  

Liberals want to see themselves as punks. They aren't. They are sad conformists who frankly deserve the consequences of their inaction.

Exactly.  Get out of our scene and go back home to mommy, fools.

(HT Cold Fury)

18 July 2014

The Infinite Political Blogroll gets infiniter

It's growing faster than the new AIDS epidemic, only without the buttsex and it probably won't kill you unless you're a leftist with a severe heart condition.

(Just kidding; everyone knows leftists sold their hearts to Satan in exchange for the promise of Warm Fuzzies.  If you're going to take a promise from a dude who goes by "The Father of Lies," I submit that you really didn't think that one through.)

Anyway, a nice lady who lives in New Jersey--God knows why--has pointed me at her blog.  While I'm far more rabidly libertarian than she is, I think she's on the right path in many respects, and her writings may be worth your time.

Welcome Julie to TIPB!

16 July 2014

Why I love cats

Well, I love them for many a reason, but this one stands out.  If your cats are aloof and don't seem to care if you live or die, maybe you're doing something wrong.

“But then they shouted him again and then one of the boys got in Ethan’s face and said “Oi! Why are you ignoring me?” and pushed him over. 
“That’s when I rushed outside and saw Smudge fly out from under our car and jump on the boy’s chest. 
“I think it was shock more than anything but the boy stumbled backwards, burst into tears and then ran off."

Smudge rocks.  :)

13 July 2014

Another gun control success story!!

How could I have been so wrong?  Gun control is just what we need to go after dangerous criminals like this:

Shaneen Allen is no dangerous criminal. She’s a single mom working 2 jobs who’s already been robbed twice while traveling alone at night in Philadelphia. Her family suggested that she carry a gun for protection. She took a gun safety course, applied for and was granted a concealed carry permit, and bought a gun. 

Then she made the mistake of driving into New Jersey. 

Now she’s going to prison.

Apparently, there are absolute, ironclad Constitutional rights--applying in every state in the union--to gay marriage, abortion and free cell phones, even though I can't find a single mention of any of these things anywhere in our founding documents.  But "the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, shall not be infringed" seems to be read as "unless some bunch of ignorant busybodies decides otherwise."

Pray for this lady.  And pray for the souls of those who persecute her--they're going to need it.

12 July 2014

Yo, bitches, it's on again!

We had Hayek vs. Keynes Parts I and II.  Now let's see Tesla and Edison go at it!

From Earthbound Misfit, with whom I have my share of disagreements on various subjects, but who often posts some really awesome stuff.