16 June 2012

Estonia has a REAL President!

Can we have one too?  Yeah, I know, WTF is Estonia?  It's a former Soviet satellite, a tiny little country which came out of the Cold War reasonably intact.

Oh, did I mention that Estonia is economically kicking ass while the rest of Europe is falling apart? Of course, their methods are based on common sense, rather than socialist bullcrap, so those 'economists' who worship statism are quick to put them down.  Well, President Ilves ain't havin' it.  Here's one of a string of his tweets to Paul Dumbass Krugman, word for word:

Chill. Just because my country’s policy runs against the Received Wisdom & I object doesn’t mean y’all gotta follow me….

RTWT.  Now, that's how a REAL President rolls.  Well done, sir...if--despite our best efforts--America falls, any chance of getting a visa?



  1. Yeah, come here to Estonia, you would be suprised how lovely is live with corruption, live in the country, where so many people have to cope with some $ per day. Really, as You said, You haven't heard about the Estonia, so really be careful what you wish for, they have tendency to come true.

  2. Why do I have trouble believing you're really from Estonia...?


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