19 October 2012

What about the CHILLDRUUNNN???

Yes, indeed...what about the children?

The enemies of liberty would rather have had a 12-year-old girl possibly raped and murdered than see her with access to TEH EEEVIL GUNZ OMG!!!oneone!!!eleventy1!!

Fortunately, young Kendra St. Clair did indeed have access to a gun, and a predator got the surprise of his miserable life.

Debra St. Clair, the girl's mother, said her daughter called her at work to say an unknown man was ringing the doorbell. When the girl didn't answer, the man went around to the back and kicked in the back door.

She told her daughter to grab the family gun, barricade herself in the closet and call 911.


St. Clair's daughter had hid in the closet with a .40 Glock.  But Undersheriff Ken Golden said the intruder kept making his way through the house.

"And what we understand right now, he was turning the doorknob when she fired through the door," he said.

Golden said the bullet hit the intruder, and it sent him running.
Very wise words concering the concept of 'childhood' in this context can be found at The Cornered Cat, a totally awesome blog which you should all go read now.

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