03 November 2012

The final word on Sandy's aftermath

The inimitable Bayou Renaissance Man posts a big ol' STFU to those whining about how "da gubmint aint doin' enuf!"

Too bad, New Yorkers. You've permitted your city government to restrict your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for decades - in fact, for over a century. This is the result. Your criminals have guns, because they don't care about obeying the law in the first place! If they're prepared to break laws against theft, assault, drug-dealing, murder, etc., what makes you think they'll obey those prohibiting them from possessing firearms? All you've done by accepting such laws is to disarm yourselves, the law-abiding citizens of the city - and that makes you prey for the (armed) predators among you.

Even owning (let alone carrying) a handgun in New York City involves jumping through so many bureaucratic hoops that it's effectively impossible unless you know (and/or bribe) 'the right people'. For those who conquer the somewhat lesser bureaucratic obstacles to owning a long gun (i.e. a rifle or shotgun), they at least have available an effective means of home defense (although they're not allowed to carry it with them outside their homes, or in their vehicles). However, if they use it, even in legitimate self-defense, they're very likely to be arrested and charged with a crime, because the New York City prosecutorial system is set up to presume that a shooter is, by default, a criminal. Only those in NYPD uniform are given the benefit of the doubt.

I wouldn't live under a system like that if you paid me . . . but if you've chosen to do so, the consequences are on your own head. This outbreak of crime is one of them.
RTWT.  That's why I live in a small town in Arizona.  That's why I stock my pantry and ammunition cabinet.  That's why I carry.

If you're depending on Big Daddy Government to hold your hand, wipe your ass and keep you safe, the time is fast approaching when you will discover just how tragically wrong you were.  Possibly at the cost of your life.  You can depend on no one but you and yours to protect and provide for you.  If you believe differently, you'd better wake up and realize you've been living a lie, before it's too late.

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