21 February 2014

Sprouts should sprout some brains

Well, crap.  Call me a hippie if you like, but I like Sprouts.  The product is good and the prices are reasonable.  Too bad I'm not shopping there any more.

So I send a letter to Sprouts Farmers Market stating my disappointment, and I get some bravo-sierra boilerplate form response back from some little (or hell, she may be a lard ass for all I know) airhead named "Stephanie" stating how they are striving for a "safe shopping environment."

Uh-huh. Right. Just like the safe no-guns allowed theater in Aurora. Or the safe no-guns allowed shopping mall in Omaha. Or the safe no-guns allowed elementary school at Sandy Hook.

You simply cannot argue with idiotic liberal sheep (triple redundant)--they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

I'd contact them, but I'd just get another form letter.  I'd post on their FB page, but the article shows how well that works out.  So they can just lose business and wonder why.

Don't get me wrong--most if not all of these natural grocery stores have those signs up, but it's the absolute disregard and censorship of any opposing viewpoint by Sprouts, that pushed me over the edge.  Screw you guys, I'm going to Natural Grocers.

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  1. I like to park in the "hybrids only" parking spot in front of a similar establishment with my Dodge Ram (yeah; it's got a Hemi). I then go next door to buy beer and chips. I occasionally see a malnourished, semi-albino inside with a look of panic on his/her face as I park; it's priceless.


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