21 January 2015

Seven children KIDNAPPED by Arkansas police!

Yes, I said 'kidnapped,' and I meant it.  Because this:

However, at around 9:30 that evening, according to Stanley, "six or eight" fully-armed sheriffs opened the door and demanded the children be handed over for a 72-hour period. In an emotional protest, the Stanleys asked who was responsible for making this decision. It is reported that one of the sheriff's deputies raised his hand and said, "I did it and I'm proud of the decision."

It is reported that the children have been kept in custody already one week past the promised 72 hours. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley were not able to see their children until this last Saturday. Friends of the Stanleys have created a GoFundMe page and also have dedicated a Facebook page to help bring them home.

Emphasis mine.  This is no longer a 'hold.'  This is kidnapping, pure and simple.  But why?

He went on to describe his family as "preppers" who try and avoid most contact with the government and prefer keeping to themselves.

Ah, that's it.  God forbid you attempt to live your life as you wish, without the approval of FedGovCo.  Don't you dare try to be self-reliant and hard-working, or we'll take your children away from your evil influence, you...you...AMERICAN!

Every single person involved in this criminal action against the Stanleys should be prosecuted to the full extent of Constitutional law.  Or failing that, horsewhipped and strung up by their tender bits.  Either way, it pales compared to what awaits them after death if they don't get their heads on straight.

Almighty Father in Heaven, please be with the Stanleys in their time of trial, and may You open the hearts and minds of the servants of evil who have perpetrated this heinous act upon them.  In Jesus' Name, Amen.

(Thanks to the good people at The Conservative Treehouse for the heads-up.)

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  1. That's really appalling. We really have an out of control family court system and they use children as weapons against you. There are numerous lawsuits and people fighting for justice all over the country however, so there is some hope.


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