08 February 2015

How America rolls

America was the first country on Earth that elevated the rights of the individual.  Hence, the Constitution begins with three words in enormous font: 

We the People

"We the people" are supposed to run this country, not crony corporatists and political hacks.  And that concept may finally be sinking in.  From coast to coast, Americans are simply refusing to comply with laws they see as unjust and unConstitutional.  

The latest example is the ongoing battle against Second Amendment infringements in Washington state.  Mike Vanderboegh  is one of those engaging in armed civil disobedience, and his friend and colleague David Codrea weighed in on his decision to do so earlier:

There's a growing movement that's getting sick and damned tired of all the posturing and games, while rights we clearly understand are ours are being denied by self-serving oathbreakers as citizens are intimidated and punished for exercising them. Some people are through asking. They're going to start taking back, especially where listening to the lawyers and the lobbyists has failed. 
Like it or not, that's what's happening. 
Look at the untold hundreds of thousands of gun owners, who simply wish to be left alone but who are adamant in demanding their rights, and who have thus refused to register their guns as ordered in places like California, New York and Connecticut.  
Look at how “authorities” know their demands have been ignored for all to see, and wish some of their impulse control-challenged media sycophants would stop calling attention to their impotence, and instead catch on to a self-imposed code of silence on mass “scofflaw” roundups that the major anti-gun groups seem to have adopted. Look at how government agents backed down from armed citizens at the Bundy Ranch. Look at how Oath Keepers maintained their armed rooftop vigils, despite unlawful police orders to stand down. 
Look at the resolve of Washington’s “I Will Not Comply” activists.

At the rally yesterday, Mr. Vanderboegh gave a fine speech which laid it out plainly:  Individual action will succeed where our 'leaders' have been failing.

This isn’t about “common sense gun safety” as they claim. This is about control – their control of a government monopoly of violence over the people. They don’t want to hear any dissent from you in the peanut galleries, so they will silence you. BUT THEY WILL SILENCE YOU IF, AND ONLY IF, YOU ALLOW THEM TO DO IT. Will you allow them to silence you? Will you? 
They hide behind their priveleges, this new parliamentary tyranny, this self-appointed Mandarin class of our so-called “betters” – they hide behind their alleged “purviews” and “parliamentary priveleges” and expect their designated bully boys of the Washington State Police to make you knuckle under – or else. 
It is not THEIR precious butts they put on the line with their unconstitutional diktats – oh, no, never their own – no, they misuse the good men and women of the Washington State Police to do that. For they are at heart cowards, and they know it. And they are right to be right about that one thing – firearms in the hands of the people scare them. They are as allergic to them as Dracula is to crucifixes and for the same reason – they get in the way of tyrannical appetites.

These folks not only made their point at the Capitol building, they brought their demands to the Governor's mansion as well:

We came out of the Capitol building feeling indescribable; we were fulfilling a blood-bought debt.  All the Founders ever asked of us was that we do our part, that we stand as they did.  They asked that we guard our liberty, but if it ever became necessary, that we stand in the breach and say no more. 
An unconstitutional law is no law at all. 
As we marched to the gate of the governor’s mansion, the State Patrol trooper watched us approach from his security booth.  We paused at the gate next to his door, and Rep. Shea and Rep. Scott stood in front of the crowd.  As the trooper slowly opened the door, he was greeted heartily and respectfully by the two people who were truly acting as the Representatives of the People.

This is how we're going to win.  By recognizing that our God-given human rights are not up for discussion or debate, and understanding that anyone attempting to curtail those rights is to be ignored, resisted, or dealt with however necessary...

...but never, ever obeyed.

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