16 March 2015

It's da JOOZ!!

Gunslinger has a couple of posts up explaining why, in the words of an old Tom Lehrer song, "...everybody hates the Jews."

Why the Jews?

Tyrants that want to control every action and thought of others are the most threatened by the "rebuke by the very existence" of the Jews, who by definition, i.e., whose very identity is defined as belief in a higher, mightier power than any that could ever be created by a human agent.

The existence of such divine contradiction in their midst renders true-believers in all forms of tyranny—from the Utopian Left with its all powerful, all-seeing State, to the current version of primitive Islamic murderers —unhinged to the extreme. And their first response it to kill, kill, kill that which so threatens their most cherished goals of utter dominance of their fellow man.

Where once I wondered "What do the Jews do to be hated so completely by so many ?"...I undertook to notice who hated them...and realized that considering the character of those who hated them, I wanted to be on the side of the Jews. For surely anyone so hated by so many demons and villains...is on the side of righteousness.

And a follow-up:  Why They Hate

Here's how they pretend it works: Zero-Sum Game claims, falsely, that if Group A has more money, property or wealth than Group B,  it's because A somehow "stole" the wealth from B.

The fact that Group A gets educated, stays employed, works hard, and makes sacrifices, and Group B sits on their asses smoking dope and collecting welfare....

...has nothing to do with it, and if you say it does you're a "hater".

Surprise!  When you look at the groups of people who "hate the Jews"...it's pretty much always the sort of people who think this way...and have decided that the prosperity of the Jews, who do all the right things for success in the world...have somehow "stolen" a part of the wealth that should be theirs.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

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