11 July 2015

Oh, look...

...another Special Little Snowflake!  Of course you're absolutely wonderful and the sun shines out of your ass, and nothing should ever ever happen that makes you feel uncomfortable in the slightest!  You have RIGHTS!

Or not.

No, accusers are not entitled to due process, just like the accused. That’s not what due process is for, not how due process works. While creating the appearance of fairness, a word that inherently appeals to most people, it is not an equivalent situation. One points the finger and the other suffers punishment for it.  They are not equivalent positions, and there is nothing “fair” about it. Nor should there be.
No, free speech does not end when it touches something that offends you, and you have no equivalent right to silence those who are insensitive to your feelings.
No, you have no right to feel safe.  You have no constitutional right. You have no moral right. You have no right at all.  You have a right not to be physically harmed, but your feelings, just like everyone else’s, are fair game for bruising.  No one says you have to suffer in silence. Don’t like how your Columbia professor uses classic literature that “triggers” your unsafe feelz? Go to Dartmouth. Don’t like how other people on the internets call you stupid? Don’t be stupid. Or turn off the computer. Or only click on links to cute kitteh pics.
 The guy may be a lawyer, but I won't hold it against him.  ;)

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  1. If you want to feel safe, get a gun and carry it, idiot. If your feelings get hurt, go someplace else, idiot. Don't bother me with your childish whining, snowflake. Get over yourself, idiot


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