08 August 2017

Death by diversity

All you folks who consider me a xenophobic, Islamophobic racist who's ten miles to the right of Genghis Khan...you'll most likely be perplexed by this post.

The murder of Justine Damond was not a Black thing, an Islamic thing or an immigrant thing.  This was a 'social justice' thing.

Mohamed Noor is a shrimpy little guy, who, by most accounts, was very nervous and jumpy.  He did not have the build or the temperament suitable for being a police officer.  I'd be saying the same thing if he were a White Christian American.  But if he were a White Christian American, he never would have been a cop.  He'd have washed out of the academy.  They'd have been all, "Sorry, dude, police work just isn't in your future."

But the Leftists and SJW's of Minneapolis just had to have a Somali officer, no matter what.  Diversity at any price.  Well, now we know the exact price of their folly:  The life of an innocent citizen, taken by an idiot who started blasting away at an unarmed citizen at an (alleged) 'loud noise.'

This is less the fault of Mohamed Noor than of those who put that badge on him in the first place.  Minneapolitans, you put these fools into office, and you share the blame for this poor woman's death.  Hope you're proud of yourselves. 


  1. That was my take on it as well. I got the gut reaction that his partner was thinking "what just happened". You always react to your partner because they may see something you don't but sometimes he is an idiot.

  2. I saw the same thing when I was going through flight school in the early 1980s. We had a couple of black Marines who were in the program and they had some minor issues that with some extra help, they passed. Things like drownproofing, basic swimming, etc. When it came to actual flying then their deficiencies really came to light. Mind you they were "good guys" and worked hard but it was like a cat trying to solve Chinese algebra. One guy washed out for not being able to do (fill in the blank) while the other guy was so marginal that the commanding officer put a full time instructor on him for a few months and finally had to give up. The point was "those guys" didn't have the right stuff to be a pilot and there was no doubt they were in some quota machine hoping to churn out a black pilot. The Marines had some pretty special black guys as pilots--they didn't need "extra help" or anything. A couple became general officers (one a 3-star) and one flew fighters. The Somali cop was obviously part of a quota program that no one but the mayor or the city council thought was a good idea. Get a little diversity on the force. The problem is that because we all have to work for someone, we sometimes don't get to choose who gets to play with these situations. And they can become a lawyer's cash cow for years to come. All idiots are not created equal.


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