02 September 2013

How she makes Leftist heads explode:

Mel Maguire, a lesbian, has dared to step off their plantation of perpetual ignorance and victimhood, and get involved with all that pesky logic and reason stuff.  Naturally, this makes those still lost in a world of contradictions and propaganda somewhat confused, vexed and quite perplexed.

I don’t understand why requiring ID to buy alcohol is acceptable, yet requiring ID to vote isn’t. If you’re going to claim that requiring ID for one thing is somehow racist (Al Sharpton eloquently called voter ID laws “Jim Crow Jr.”), you cannot then say that requiring ID for other things isn’t. We require ID to buy OTC drugs containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine – we even limit how much of those drugs one person can buy and logs are kept. We require ID to buy any alcohol and tobacco products. We require ID to board a bus or a plane. We require ID to drive a car. We require ID to get into R-rated films. We require ID to do quite a few things, and somehow none of those things are racist or discriminatory – but start talking about requiring ID to vote on laws or lawmakers, and suddenly it’s a different ballgame.

I don’t understand why private businesses, helmed by people who are not government workers, are being required to serve everyone thanks to discrimination laws that were only meant to protect people from the government. I don’t understand why I should be required to carry medical insurance that covers services I will never need or use. I don’t understand why I should have to pay a higher rate of taxes if I make more to help subsidize massive government waste. I don’t understand why my government is completely unwilling to cut spending when there are multiples of the same program across several agencies, none of which have been proven to work.

I don’t understand why so many people would rather be victims than fight back in defense of their children. I don’t understand why that belief is so strong that they are willing to tell me that I’m not allowed to arm myself to protect my family and my home from bad guys who will never give a damn what the law says. I don’t understand why there are only limits to speech when a certain group dislikes what I have to say. I don’t understand why I’m not allowed to question the President without being accused of being a racist.

RTWT.  I've been following this lady for a while, and while she posts on a fairly irregular basis, she's always worth reading when she does.

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  1. I belong to a private range; we pay dues, maintain the property, etc. Why shouldn't we check the ID of people before we let them vote?

    Some rights exist naturally, others only because of membership in some group. Citizenship is membership in the group politics of a country....if people are unwilling to join that group; why should they be allowed to vote themselves privileges or benefits?


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