30 August 2013

Allison Benedikt explained...poor thing.

Would you take life advice from this woman?

Unfortunately, if you are as poorly educated as Benedikt is, you are likely to fall under the influence of a man who tells you what to think.

If you do a Google search for Allison Benedikt you will get a slightly different perspective on what she calls a bad person. You see, Benedikt grew up Jewish. Then she married a man named John Cook who, by her testimony, hates Jews. At the least, he hates Israel, everything it stands for and everything it has ever accomplished. His hatred is so visceral that he constantly harangues his wife and anyone else in earshot with venomous tirades against Israel.

Apparently, Benedikt does not think that this makes him a bad person! She married him. Since she received an inferior education she cannot stand up to her husband. He has browbeat her into thinking as he does.

RTWT.  Spineless, self-loathing and arrogant is no way to go through life, girl.

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