23 August 2013

Just read it.

Welcome Alpha is Assumed (wait...I see what he did there!) to RTD.

GIA is reflected in America’s founding documents, the wings of the conservative/libertarian movement, the effective application of rhetoric and game, economic law, the Trinity, and in innumerable other ways.  Once you recognize her (I’ll refer to GIA as “she” because “it” gets boring after a while), you’ll see her everywhere that things actually work.  You’ll also notice how things that don’t work result entirely from misunderstanding her or one of her components.

I realize that many of you don’t believe that the Bible is a sacred text.  Even if it’s not, it is the foundational text of Western Civilization (supplemented by the writings of Aristotle), and as such, even if it’s nothing more than a collection of “desert fairy tales”, it should not be disregarded.

So I’ll present GIA through one of the ways in which she was most succinctly expressed in the past:  the desert temptations of Matthew 4.

Because THIS.

Seriously, a long and involved study of this man's writings may go a long way toward understanding the human condition, science and faith.  Prepare yourselves to exercise your gray matter.

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