03 August 2013

Choking on the irony

Here's the quote:

You need to grow up, get some life experiences and then maybe you’ll have the right to sermonize about parenting.

Here's the context.

“Matt, I heard your horrible conversation today about parenting. A few comments in response:

1) Based on your remarks, I have to say I feel bad for your kids. You sound like the sort of person who never should have been a parent. You said you plain to teach your kids “how to think.” I guess this is common in right wing religious fundamentalist households. Personally, I let my child form his own conclusions about things. To impose your views on a child is tantamount to child abuse. Do them a favor, let them think FREELY.

2) You greatly exaggerate the importance of “chores.” Also, the idea that a kid should be forced to “get a job” is abhorrent. My son was very gifted so we gave him all the tools to succeed academically. This meant we didn’t turn him into slave labor and we certainly didn’t tell him he needed to go work behind a cash register. He concentrated on his school work, and we did our job as parents and financially supported him.

3) It’s easy to mock a “30 year old who lives with is parents.” My son is almost 29 and he’s been home with us since he graduated. Unfortunately the job market isn’t the greatest (maybe you hadn’t heard) and I’m not going to let him starve on the street. He has a college education, it’s pointless for him to be out working in a retail store or some other menial job. I will be here for him until he is able to get the job he deserves.

You need to grow up, get some life experiences and then maybe you’ll have the right to sermonize about parenting.


For the love of God, someone please tell me that this is a brilliant satire.  Because if this was actually written in seriousness, we can just kiss civilization goodbye.


  1. Typical liberal asshole. Matt's reply was pretty good though. Sadly, that's the mindset of a lot of people these days. Give everyone trophy's for participating, this is what you wind up with.

    When my oldest son decided he'd had enough of living with his mom and moved in with me, I made sure to find some chores around the house for him, and I made him get a part time job to pay for his car insurance. When he decided to move his girlfriend in I made them both get jobs to pay their share of the rent, lights and groceries.

    Now my son has a place of his own and he has a supervisory position with a very large and well known lawn care company taking care of the yards of million dollar homes. It may not be his dream job, but he does like it, and hell, he's only 21, he's still got plenty of time to go to college. I feel sure he will, I've seen his drawings, he could be making a living with that if he wanted to.

    Point is, I MADE him do these things to teach him a lesson, and he learned it well. Now he is his own man, he relies on no one, he works and provides for himself. I'm not the best father in the world, but I did teach him self reliance and for that I can be proud.

  2. Well done, my friend. Fathers like you are getting too hard to find these days.


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