08 August 2013

This well-deserved ass-kicking brought to you by...

...the free market.
Now 17 newspaper employees have been laid off. Among them was the editor who published the gun owner’s information. This is the first time I’ve seen online media clearly punish a bricks and mortar media firm. This is a good start, but don’t stop. I hope the paper is driven out of business.

Can we do the same to some other papers as well?

Is the real America coming back?  One can only hope...!!


  1. It may have taken a while but it did finally happen.

    That outfit is damn lucky they didn't have someone get seriously hurt by a pissed off homeowner who's information went public.

    The delicious irony of them having to hire armed body guards I enjoyed back when it happened.

    What a bunch of pretentious assholes.


    Serves those liberal bed wetting assholes right.

  3. Wait for it...they'll be deemed "Too Big To Fail," and Obummer will bail them out.


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