25 August 2013

Here I am.

As I promised, the face behind the posts.  Now, the only way to someone to claim they're me would be through serious, disfiguring plastic surgery, and I'm just not important enough to the PTB for that.

I am the Wraith.  Sorry about any nausea, nightmares and/or psychological trauma that may have ensued upon viewing this photo.


  1. Wraith, dude, is that seaweed on your nipple? Good to meet you, and you aren't grotesquely disfigured, so cut it out.

  2. Damn, ya rotten bastard, Your better looking than I am.

    A lot younger too.

    Mutter mutter, fuckin' whippersnappers....... not even ONE gray hair! Jeeze.

    Nice to meet ya though!

  3. Damn, Wraith. Ann's got you doing selfies now? That harpie! :D Hell, you look like me! Except a lot less ugly and more tattooed. The lady liberty ink is awesome!

  4. Awesome ink. Not quite as frightening looking as I would imagine someone named Wraith would be.

  5. @ BN: Not one gray hair? Dude, don't make me do a close up. My beard's full of 'em, and if I stopped shaving my balding dome, you'd see some more. My wife has taken to giving me shit because there's one on my chest now.

    (Funny how all this gray started showing up right around January of '09. I'm sure it's a coincidence...)

  6. what can I say not all that glitters is gold


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