03 August 2013

The only reason we can still blog

Yep, he's right.

Because 'they' don't care. Let us complain. Let us shout our discontent. So what? If any of us were to actually plan to act, we'd be rounded up and disappeared. You know. The "patriot" act. The powers that control our country sit back and laugh at our feeble attempts to further our rights. They know they have the power. And we, those of us who speak out against tyranny have no chance of making a difference.

Our forefathers had the ability to meet and compare notes. Make plans. Decide on a course of action.

What do we have? 24/7 surveillance, unmitigated monitoring, video and voice records of every move we make. If I were to try to start a movement in my town to stand against the tyranny of our Muslim Asshole in Chief, I would be declared a traitor, displaying treason to this country, and either quietly removed to a dank cell, or, of course 'accidentally' be literally "droned" out of existence as an enemy of the state.

We're done.

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