16 October 2013

If you're surprised...

...you really need to pull your head out of your ass.

Yep, the Greedy Old Pussies bent over and let the Dems give it to them (but not nearly as bad as the rest of us) good and hard up the fart pipe.


As if this hasn't been happening for years on end?  As if this wasn't as much a foregone conclusion as the sun rising in the East tomorrow?  The most tragicomic thing about this whole affair was the spectacle of all these folks in Conservative media hollering about "They better not cave, or else!!"  It's like these people have some sort of Battered Spouse Syndrome, where they really believe--despite every single piece of evidence pointing to the contrary--that this time it'll be different.  They'll stand their ground this time.  They won't sell us out this time.

Regular readers may have noticed my lack of posting of late.  This is because I just can't work up the energy to get angry about it any more.  We've said all there is to say.  We've warned you time and time again.  Frankly, I've grown weary of repeating myself.  I'll say it one more time: 


Just accept that, alter your strategy accordingly, and move on.

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