31 October 2013

Read this.

And the comments.  All of them.

It's a war that, in retrospect, we never should have started. Oh, sure, we had the best of intentions going in; there was a perceived threat to our society, plus the do-gooder angle of people who needed saving to make us feel better about ourselves. Sure, we might have to curtail a few civil liberties for the duration, but that's the price of security in time of war, right?

Forty years later, we are still an occupying army, people's rights are still getting trampled, and you have a harder time buying good cold medicine than you would the meth they're afraid you'll make with it. They would rather an innocent person writhe in pain than risk somebody getting high.

Seriously, the War on (Some) Drugs has done more damage to the fabric of American liberty and the Bill of Rights than any other single factor, shows no sign of letting up, and yet bring this fact up to any Law 'n' Order Republican and they just snort and dismiss the issue with "Libertarians just want to smoke pot."

Nuff said.

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  1. All true. We've lost our liberties, and we've lost our friends. Because of the WOD, all of Latin America sees us as hypocritical monsters who care nothing for them but blame them for our problems and make them suffer for our addictions. Of course, it doesn't help when Hillary's Secret Service go on Colombian hooker cheating extravaganzas, and that has nothing to do with the WOD, but still. :)


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