03 June 2014

No context needed.

But here's the context anyway, just in case you want to watch one of the most awesome SciFi authors of all time lay a capital-level smackdown on some whiny douchebag(Really, Larry, isn't this on the mental and philosophical level of stealing a toddler's candy?  The guy hasn't the faintest hope of winning here).

This quote, however, should be spread far and wide until every single Patriot has read and grokked it:

Rule number one. Never apologize for something that shouldn’t be apologized for. Check out all the various firings, purges, boycotts, and cancellations. Apologizing for causing their outrage is you taking responsibility for their ignorance and inability to control their own emotions. Apologizing to the perpetually outraged means they own you. You have declared yourself guilty and vulnerable to their threats. It is like negotiating with terrorists. Give into their demands and you’re just encouraging them to blow something else up.

Now, that's the work of a true wordsmith.  I'm usually reduced to a simple "You're offended?  Too bad.  Eat a dick."  I guess that's why Larry writes for a living, and I drive a truck.

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