02 June 2014

"Shut up or we'll kill you."

In a civilized nation, which is what the United States used to be, any and all points of view are allowed to be expressed.  Rational debate is viewed as a good thing, where opposing theories are expounded upon, rebutted, and either bolstered or debunked with facts, logic, reason and evidence.  This is how a country--and, eventually, all of humanity--evolves, and, dare I say, progresses.

This is also the last thing so-called "Progressives" want.  The evidence is clear in their actions:  shouting down conservative speakers, demanding that those with differing views be fired from their jobs, calling for the new heretics to be banned from speaking at various events...and now, literal threats of terrorism.

These people are threatening mayhem and murder in an attempt to silence dissenting viewpoints.  This is tolerance?  This is civilized debate?  No, this is barbarism.  This is force over reason.  This is the tactic of those who are clearly and utterly in the wrong.

"Shut up or we'll kill you."

The last thing these Leftists Fascists want is a debate.  Because they'd lose, and they know it.  The facts are not in their favor.  The evidence is overwhelmingly against them.  Five minutes of logical, rational thought would objectively prove these people to be at odds with reality, meaning that they are--literally--completely and utterly insane.

So all they have left is one simple tactic.  A tactic used by every power-mad tyrant or group of tyrants throughout all of history.  Brute, naked force.

"Shut up or we'll kill you."

And these people consider themselves so learned, so evolved, so morally superior.  They constantly portray us--conservatives, libertarians, Christians, anyone who opposes their madness--as stupid, violent and incoherent.  These are people who actually believe that if they just keep lying long enough, loudly enough and with a straight enough face, that their delusions will become the truth.

Their reaction to the Men's Rights Conference exposes their lie once and for all.  Whether you agree with any or all of the arguments of the MHRM, or not, shouldn't matter.  Either you believe that each human being has the right to make their opinions heard, no matter how repugnant you might personally find them, or you don't believe in freedom at all.

"Shut up or we'll kill you."

That's all they've got.  And it says a lot more about them than it does about us.

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