12 May 2014

The world is ending!

I've spent almost 30 years riding Jap bikes.

Started on a beat-up '76 Honda SOHC 750, and continued through various products from the Land of the Rising Sun, culminating in a Kawasaki ZZ-R 1200 which I've put almost 67K on over the last nine years.   Well, I must be having a midlife crisis, because I did something quite out of character yesterday:

Yep...I finally did it.  I'm officially a Harley boy now.  However, I'm still kickin' it old-school--one cam and a carb is sufficient for me, thanks.


  1. You will love that Evo. The best Harley Engine ever made IMHO.

  2. I'm digging it so far. It really is a different experience.

    But anyone who thinks I'm going to start turning up my nose at non-HD riders, is in for a long wait...! ;)

  3. That EVO is a 100k engine - at least.

    There's no need to be a Harley snob. I get more grief on my Harley from other Harley riders than I do from anyone else. Oh, I'm sorry, did my Sportster just blow away your Geezer-Glide? What, it isn't supposed to be faster? Heh! What they don't know, is my Sportster 1200 is actually a 1380, and it doesn't know what slow is.

    If folks would spend more time riding, and less time getting into other people's business, they'd be a lot happier.


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