02 May 2014

It is, indeed, a sickness.

The Good Captain absolutely nails it:

If you look at college students and 20 somethings today an unacceptable number of them lack the mental ability to respect the rights and freedoms of others.  There was the student journalist that wanted to ban conservative opinions on campus (I forget the name and the school).  There was Donglegate where Adria Richards thought it was her domain to get two guys fired, which is only one of the increasing instances of Mozillaing.  And there's more than one instance where some idiot adult child will claim we need to ban conservative talk radio.

This trend, however, is not so scary because of what these people are doing, but because they are unconsciously doing it.  They are unconscious of what they are saying.  And they are unable to fully and thoroughly think through the consequences of advocating such things.  What's worse, however, is the disease is further complicated and entrenched in the minds of young people by a historic amount of brainwashing and pampering.  Be it the trillions of dollars in debt accrued to prevent said people from paying the full price of their socialist utopia, the 20 years of brainwashing they received from K-college, or society and their parents bending over backwards to kiss their asses, all of this shields these kids from the harsh and necessary realities of life.  This not only results in adults who are incapable of supporting themselves, completely clueless about how the real world economy works, but worse it convinces them they are entitled to everything in life.  This lays the ground work for what is arguably the most despicable aspect of this mental condition - victimhood.

From the ever increasing categories of "privilege" to the left's desire to separate and define people by their skin color, an entire generation has been trained to take traits they were born, fool themselves into thinking they are oppressed because of it, and demand other people slave away for them.  This is not only cowardly and hypocritical, but it also attaches an emotional element to the disease where they take personal affront to any attempts of constructive criticism or insistence of self-supportation and production.  In short, it renders the host with this disease immune to any attempts to cure them.

RTWT.  This is why we're not voting our way out of this.

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