28 November 2014

10 people Leftists despise

This is why I maintain that if the Left doesn't hate you to your very core, you're just not gettin' the job done.

10. YOU!
Do you vote only after researching the candidates and finding the ones that actually do what you expect them to do? Then Liberals hate you. Do you believe that the state exists to serve the needs of the individual, and not the other way around? Then Liberals hates you. Do you believe that Black people are just as intelligent, hard working and industrious as people of any other race and therefore do not need special handouts in order to achieve anything? Then Liberals hate you. Do you believe that people should accept the consequences of their own decisions? The Liberals hate you. Don’t worry, if Liberals hate you, wear that with pride.

Every time a Leftist insults me, rants at me, or tells me how horrible I am, an angel gets their wings.  ;)


  1. I am proud to be hated by liberals.....the feeling is mutual. Hated by Liberals...mmmm that would be a good bumper sticker.

  2. Really now, WaPO! "An angel gets his wings!"

  3. Angels are beings of pure spirit. Gender is pretty much irrelevant.


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