11 November 2014

How we got here

His Royal Majestic Graciousness The All-Powerful Emperor Misha I May He Live For 10,000 Years has summarized exactly how the once great nation of America has become a collection of mewling children:

The true power of this is that in a society where each individual is responsible for his own choices, nobody has any leverage over what those choices might be unless said choices directly influence another individual.

You get no say in whether or not His Imperial Majesty decides that drinking schnapps by the gallon is better than water because he’ll have to bloody well pay for his own liver transplant when the one he was born with explodes. You get no say in whether we decide that it’s twice as much fun driving a car with 8 cylinders as it is driving one with 4, because we pay the gas.

How statism wins is when we let the state stick their fingers in paying for the gas.

We didn't lose our freedom by giving up our rights.  We lost it by giving up our responsibilities.  Our rights naturally followed.

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