03 September 2016

Why I've been gone for a while

Because I've realized the same thing Brian did...most people just don't care.

I may be back, I may not.  Whatever happens will happen the way Almighty God has ordained, and I'm just going to follow where He leads me and leave the rest up to Him.


  1. Most people aren't sharp enough to know that they should care.

  2. we have to remember that the Lord (Jesus) gave two commandments: love the Lord with all you have, and love your neighbor as you love yourself,, in these two commandments lies all that was written in the law and the prophets (tanach). i cannot stress to the christian viewer strongly enough to get down on your knees and ask the Lord to help this nation. what an exciting time to be alive. the Lord is our hope. praise the Lord and pass the ammunition,, and for our sakes,, please keep sounding out to those that are ignorant of the truth of things. i have enjoyed this site.

  3. You've just now figured this out? We've had 100+ years of "public education" designed to produce the population we have - ignorant, apathetic, and largely unable to reason. The only checkbox not marked is "easily led." Like Paul Rosenberg and Brian, I concluded some time back that this isn't fixable. For me, it was election day 2012. After four years of Obama's policies - especially Obamacare - and he got re-elected? Show's over, folks. Stick a fork in us, we're done. Time to embrace the suck and enjoy the decline. The 2016 Election just cemented that belief. Hillary vs. Trump? As someone said, "I've gotta choose between brain cancer and colon cancer?!? Oh boy!"

    Still blogging some, though. It's catharsis. If it's not for you, well, I understand.

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