01 December 2013

The inevitable results of welfare.

I warn you now, folks...Nicki's language can make a truck driver blush.  Steel yourselves for a barrage of cussing, well-deserved though it may be(asterisks mine):

Your boss doesn’t understand why you bother working. After all, she gets to sit around the house all day, visit her friends and smoke weed. All at your expense! “…and we are still gonna get paid, on time every month,” she says. “Can you really blame us” for sitting around on welfare, she says? We get subsidized housing, she says. Our checks come on time every month come hell or high water, she says. Our kids even get gifts for Christmas, she says. Can you blame us?

And yes, this pestilent ********** savage also has an Obama phone, gets food stamps, gets subsidies for water and energy. Her husband doesn’t work very much, because he doesn’t see the need for it. And why should he? The system is there. It’s available. And Lucy has been on welfare her entire life, just like her parents. It’s a generational thing. Why should she work, when the government gives her nearly $1500 per month not to? Why should she make an effort, when the less she does, the more she gets?

This is your boss, America. This indolent, ignorant, entitled, ************ ************, who has **** out three bloodsucking parasites who are also – judging by this family’s history – going to become drains on society. She feels no guilt, and she feels no remorse at being the beneficiary of your hard work, because it’s there.

The domain name of my blog is "productiveclassrevolt."  Does it make more sense now?

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  1. It always has made sense...They don't realize though we are just waiting for that tipping point and once its reached it won't be stopped until they are gone or we are....


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