06 December 2013

THIS, you dumbasses.

I dig Mark Levin.  I really do.  Unfortunately, he doesn't really understand what we're facing here.  The poor bastard honestly thinks--in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary--that the Thug Regime gives a fart in a windstorm about any sort of rule of law.

Mark, and the rest of you--WAKE THE F*CK UP.

There are more and more people calling for constitutional amendments, or a convention of states.

Let me see if have this right– Those in office aren’t obeying the constitution, so we’re going to change the constitution that they aren’t obeying.

Isn’t that a bit like a “gun free zone” sign, in that those who would obey it aren’t the problem we’re addressing? “We must pass new laws because criminals aren’t obeying the laws” is what we scoff at when it comes from Progressive communists. Now we’re doing it too?

Forest.  Trees.  Head.  Ass.  Little more need be said.


  1. I like Mark Levin, also. His "Liberty Amendment" is a good thing, but is useless if the Constitution is ignored as it is today.

    Congress has the power to impeach, which is the necessary action, when political appointees fail to obey the law, or a President fails in the same way. In spite of the envisioned reaction of the media, the strong message would leave no doubt a line was crossed and those that crossed the line will be held accountable. That's part of their job and I expect them to do their job.

  2. Keep on expecting that, bro. I've been expecting it for a couple decades and it ain't happened yet.


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