11 April 2014


People, the shit's about to get real up in Nevada.

Anyone who knows anything about FedGovCo knows that they are NOT going to back off.  They're too damned arrogant, too power-drunk, too blinded by their psychotic lust for absolute control over everything and everyone.

Now, it looks like America's not backing off, either.  More Bundy supporters are arriving every day, and the news is spreading far and wide.  Will this be the next "Shot heard 'round the world?"

I hope so.

I hope not.

No sane person wants a civil war.  But when the choice is to fight or live as slaves...well, there ain't no choice at all.  This may just be the tipping point, when enough people realize the scope of our oppression to make things very, very ugly.

All you BLM stooges, just remember something:  "I was just following orders" didn't fly at Nuremburg, either.  You're human beings, with free will.  I beg of you, stop this.  Stop it now.  Or the blood will be on your hands.

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