12 April 2014

I was wrong.

Amazingly, it looks like we backed 'em down!  I don't believe it, but that's the scuttlebutt.

It would seem that the BLM was actually tripping over itself to end the Bundy debacle.

According to the report linked below the BLM had even offered TO PAY the Bundy's for the cattle they had confiscated! Patriots on the ground refused that offer, and demanded the cattle be released to the Bundy Ranch.

BLM bent knee.

But Kerodin's right--don't think this is over.  FedGovCo are a bunch of cowards, but they'll be back--and with greater numbers and resolve.  Keep your powder dry.


  1. That is excellent news. Point taken though, I'm sure the gov boys are standing in a corner with maps, plans and whispers.

  2. I'm betting there are a few Democrat congress critters squirming, and wringing their hands, trying to stay loyal to their progressive beliefs, while still acting as though they care about the little people that pay their salaries.

    The pot has been stirred.


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