10 September 2014

What part of "Thug Regime" do you not understand?

Thugs understand one thing, and one thing only:  REAL, ACTUAL IMMEDIATE, CONCRETE CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR MISDEEDS.  I've been saying this over and over again, but let's see if you will heed the words of His Royal Majestic Graciousness May He Live For 10,000 Years Emperor Misha I:

(WARNING:  Language)

Why wouldn’t he do what he’s doing? Why wouldn’t he be lying his lips off? What, exactly, have been the consequences of him doing so for at least a decade by now? Just name us one example of the “opposition” making something of his serial lying. Just one. We have all day. Come on, just one. Seriously, you can’t come up with ONE example? 

That’s because there ISN’T one. On the one hand you have the Prozi “media” not wanting to ruffle the feathers of their Messiah if they have to kill their own families to do so and, on the other, we have the so-called “conservative media” falling over their own diminutive dicks to come up with excuses for his Golfiness and denouncing any realistic evaluation and criticism of that jugeared, lawn jockey, communist freak as “extremist” and “Visigoth.” 

Tell us again: Why WOULDN’T he be pissing all over you and calling it “rain?” You’ve done f*ck all to make him pay for it.

Exactly.  For the love of Almighty God, when are you people going to understand what you're dealing with???

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