18 September 2014

YES!!! Hit him again!!

Looks like Prosecutor James P. McClain ((609) 909-7800) is having second thoughts about pissing all over Lady Justice.  Apparently the national outrage is having an impact.

Shaneen Allen, 27, was arrested last year after she was pulled over Oct. 1 on the Atlantic City Expressway in Hamilton Township, and told the state trooper she had her gun and a concealed carry permit with her. She says she did not know it was illegal to bring the gun into New Jersey.

McClain has faced criticism for denying Allen admission into a diversion program that would allow her to complete a program and avoid prosecution. It is a stance the prosecutor has taken in most of these cases, under the state’s strict Graves Act. 

“I am presently in the process of reviewing our office’s position on the appropriate resolution of this matter,” McClain wrote in a letter sent last week to Superior Court Judge Michael Donio.

Well, it seems Ray Rice wasn't subject to this stance, but I guess domestic violence is OK if you can chase a ball.  Whatever.  Let's all congratulate Prosecutor James P. McClain ((609) 909-7800) for growing a brain, and make sure he continues on the right path.

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