14 April 2010

Hanging with the Right crowd

Some people who've known me for a while are scratching their heads of late. How is it that a bisexual, atheist, (kinda)pro-choice, legalize-everything libertarian ended up throwing in with a bunch of Christian Conservatives?

Because, right now, they're the best chance we've got.

For many years, I voted a straight Libertarian ticket. I had gotten wise to the fact that, while the Dems were all about massive government intrusion into my wallet and equally massive spending, the Reps--a long way from their Reagan/Goldwater roots--had become the party of massive government intrusion into my personal life and equally massive spending. Tomato, tomahto. I didn't want either one of them in office, so I refused to buy into the mantra of, "vote for us because the other guys suck worse!" I cast my vote for the party I wanted, whether they had a 'chance' or not, because there really wasn't any appreciable difference between D and R.

And then, sometime during 2008, just as the Reps were hijacked by Christofacists back in the 80's...the Dems were hijacked by radical socialists. I exaggerate not at all. Take a hard look at the current administration if you doubt me: massive redistribution of wealth, nationalizing every industry they can and attempting to destroy those they can't, spending at a rate guaranteed to annihilate the American economy, and a complete disregard for the will of the people. The current regime is nothing less than the dictionary definition of socialism.

I was at a loss. I still believed the hype that Christian Conservatives were out to destroy religious freedom, sexual freedom, and a bunch of other things I hold dear to this good day. But with the Libertarian party still marginalized and largely unknown, I couldn't look to them for salvation. I became convinced we were doomed, until the day my eyes were opened.

To your right, you will see a link to a blog called 'HillBuzz.' This site was started by a group of moderate-Democrat gay dudes from Chicago, in reaction to the DNC's abandonment of Hillary Clinton as a Presidential candidate in favor of Barack Obama. In recent months, these gentlemen have come under fire by the radical Left in a display of thuggery that would give Al Capone pause. They've had their real names dragged through the mud, been called 'racist,' 'sexist(they wanted a woman to be President)' and even 'homophobic(I did mention they're gay, right?).' Their livelihood has been put in jeopardy. They've been threatened with physical violence. Bear in mind, this is after Obama's election, which any reasonable person would assume renders the Left's objections fairly moot. But the Left has shown that it's not prepared to be reasonable any more, especially when anyone dares dissent from the One True Messiah's party line.

I discovered HillBuzz just when the HillBoyz had posted a litany of all the terroristic acts committed upon them by Leftist thugs. That post had over 200 comments to it, mostly from Christian Conservatives. Almost every single one of them was along the lines of, "Stay strong!! Keep fighting! How can we help? Where can we donate? We're praying for you!"

I sat there and read the whole comment thread with tears in my eyes and shame in my heart. I realized, in that moment, that I had been the bigot. I had prejudged Christian Conservatives in the same manner that I thought they judged me. And if any of you reading this are Christian Conservatives...I am truly sorry. May you find it in your hearts to forgive me.

There are many things that I still disagree with these folks about. But I've seen their true colors now, and I've also seen the true colors of the Left, who--now that they hold all the political cards--have pulled off their Mr. Rogers mask to reveal the face of Josef Stalin. If there's any hope left for America, it's on the Right. The true Conservatives (and a few Libertarians) are gaining ground in the Republican party at a record pace, and this long-overdue shift is what we need if we're going to end up as anything other than a stagnant, dying third-world nation.

I've been all about freedom and liberty pretty much from birth. And, given the choice, I'll throw in with those who have at least a basic understanding of liberty over those who've proven themselves its enemies.

Don't believe the hype.

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  1. Excellent post. Sometimes it takes direct contact with a conservative Christian to realize that there is nothing to fear about them. This is what happened with me as a couple people within my own family became born again. It was ackward at first, but then I opened my mind, and let my biases go. Yes, there are "Christian" conservatives who will hate you because of your sexuality, but most are not of that vein, and I thank God for that. All the best to you.
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