07 April 2010


Back in 2008, the end of the Bush regime was in sight. Being a libertarian, I wasn't really rooting for either side, but I figured it was a forgone conclusion for the Democrats after eight years of DeceptiCon rule. Seriously, my money was on the Dems even if they ran a Stalin/Hitler ticket against a Republican Jesus/Buddha campaign.

As we all know, it came down to Hillary Clinton v. Barack Obama. While the thought of either one of them running the country was depressing to me, I tried to get something positive out of the situation. I'd always wondered whether America would elect a Black man or a White woman as President first, and in November 2008, my question was finally answered.

The more I looked at Barack Obama, the more I feared for our Republic. The man seemed to be more of a cult figure than a statesman, and one or two steps from being an outright communist. This did not bode well, especially since 'W' had already laid the groundwork--both in policy and public opinion--for disastrous changes. But again, I tried to think positive.

I figured that, while his policies might be detrimental to the country, Obama's election might have a bright side. For the first time in American history, a Black man occupied the highest office in the land. Perhaps, I thought, we can finally move forward with the dream of Dr. King. We, as a nation, are now obviously able to judge a man by the content of his character* instead of the color of his skin. Maybe we'll finally be able to get the endless race-baiting crap out of politics and society altogether.

Yeah...not so much. Race-baiting has not only not diminished, the Left has made sure it's increased tenfold. And I still meet people who don't understand why I'm cynical.

* Or at least, what had been portrayed as his character. He's since proven that he has none.

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