12 May 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Care

Honestly, I've never understood the whole queers-in-the-military thing. Seems like a lot of military folks never did, either.

Think about it...these are people who wrote out a check "payable to the United States of America in any amount...including my life." They volunteered for the strong possibility of being shot, blown up, disfigured, tortured, crippled, maimed, killed or a lifetime of suffering horrendous consequences from nuclear, biological or chemical warfare. And their greatest fear is supposed to be that someone might sneak a peek at their ding-dong in the shower?

I find that extremely unlikely. The rules against unacceptable behavior, such as fraternization and harassment, will remain in place, as they should. The US military is not going to turn into a night at the ManHole whenever the lights go out.

These people--gay and straight--are adult enough to defend this nation, and I think they're adult enough to deal with the rest of life.

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