27 January 2013


Borepatch calls out the Village Voice for their scathing review of Aaron Lewis' Country Boy, and adds some commentary that we should all contemplate:

The Cold Civil War is fair joined now. For a long while half the Republic has focused on the common threads that bind us while the other half has busily been snipping them in twain. Well, all right then. No more compromise, no more common ground, no more accommodation with people who have contempt for us. No more "meet in the middle" for people unwilling to actually meet in the middle.

I for one return their contempt with interest. I reject their assertion that they are smarter or better than I, simply because they have swallowed whole an unexamined dogma of centralized Statist (I should say Fascist) control by an unelected and unaccountable so-called "elite". At least their position is now in the open, with no more trying to shade the truth with a soft marketing spin. Their intent is well announced. Fine. So is mine.

The lines are drawn. The good news is that this brings clarity, that we each of us must choose one side or the other. Me, I like the side that makes The Village Voice want to call this one of the 20 worst songs of the year. It's the kicked dog that yelps.

I've been saying it for a while, now.  Pick.  A.  Side.  Freedom, or slavery.  The totalitarian State, or the Sovereign Individual.  Choose now, or the time will soon arrive when the choice will be made for you.

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