28 January 2013

Oh. THAT'S why.

I was wondering why the organizers of the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show were so incredibly stupid as to shoot themselves in both feet with Sidewinder missiles tipped with plutonium.  But now I get it...

...They're British.

First, lemme say, this is what happens when you let Brits run gun or gun related companies, they ALWAYS sell out at some point, that’s what happened with Smith & Wesson when they sold out to the Clintons, they were owned by Tompkins PLC. Limeys don’t get the gun thing, they just don’t. Thankfully, a proper ‘Murican company bought S&W and revived it, Tomkins had to fire sale S&W for a small fraction of what they bought it for.

Anyway, bunch of companies and hunting and outdoor and shooting names and celebs are bailing on the ESOS show, Cabelas was probably the first of the big names to bail, but more and more are, and today, Ruger and Smith & Wesson have announced they’re bailing.

I will say, on the face of it, it’s most important to have the big names pull their support of ESOS, but we NEED to be aware of and support the little companies that are bailing out of the ESOS show, this is an annoyance to a Cabelas or S&W or Ruger (though certainly it costs them too, I’m NOT dismissing that), but being forced to make a decision like this is heavily damaging to a small company, many of which don’t even sell firearms. They deserve recognition for defending the Second.

There was a time when you could actually find a testicle or two in Britain.  Those days are over.  Luckily, the USA still has a bunch of people and companies who understand that if we do not hang together, we will all hang separately.

Read this list.  If you need something, see if these folks carry it, and give 'em your business.

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