27 January 2013

Yes, I'm back.

Why?  Because I'm damn sick and tired of hearing a bunch of idiots hollering about '2016' or '2014' or 'third party' or 'when Joe Republican runs for office, he'll get in and he'll fix everything!'   If any of this applies to you, then you are dumber than a liberal.  Oh, so we're going to vote our way out of this?  Yeah, and maybe I'll propel myself to Neptune by lighting my farts.  It's more of a possibility than any suggestion from those who still believe in a working political process.

Now, much as I might like to go all Nostradamus here, I just learned that WRSA beat me to this conclusion by some time--like over four years.

I submit that if one is dispassionate in one's analysis of today's political scene, the inescapable conclusion is that a voting booth is also not going to save traditional American freedom and its servants.

And the big question remains - what do the "holy electoral process" advocates plan to do when the slavering Majority of government minions has voted to:

- seize your guns and ammunition;

- confiscate the majority of your income;

- limit your access to your retirement savings;

- tax your real estate into foreclosure;

- further transform your children's education into multi-culti State worship;

- restrict your ability to criticize and denounce the Government upon pain of imprisonment;

- abolish your ability to praise the God of your understanding as "hate speech";

- monitor your communications with like-minded folks as "a matter of homeland security"; or

- any combination thereof?

What's the plan then, amigos?

Why, the plan is to take back the fillintheblank or get fillintheblank to run on our ticket, and then, by golly, we'll get this country back on the right track!!  And if that doesn't work, why...we'll demand a third party!!

Yeah...let me explain, kids.  This is your strategy:

Any questions?


  1. Welcome back. I didn't think you could leave the scene permanently. Heh.

  2. Thanks. Yep, I can't shut up, which means I'll likely be one of the first to have my door kicked in. Oh, well...


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