26 January 2013

The Yellowed Paper

This is the Real America. 

He told me that America has given him many opportunities that he never would've had in Mexico, that his children are the most educated members of his family, that one of them was going to college, something that he never dreamed of being possible. He said he and his wife have studied hard to learn about America and were about to become full fledged citizens.

But something bothered him. Why are the crooks and jefes (politicians) trying to change this country? Why aren't they paying attention to the Yellowed Paper? Why are they trying to disarm the people? Was it about control? Corruption? Why?

I was having a hard time at first understanding his accent until I quit trying. I thought it was cool that he referred to the Constitution as the Yellowed Paper. Very articulate without realizing it. Poetry with his simple language, you know.

Go read now.

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