09 March 2013

On Publik Skool

I figured out the purpose of public school by the second grade.  It's about indoctrination.  It's about destroying any sense of individuality, curiosity and independence in our nation's children.  You think it's about education?  Then explain these results.

In the 1990s I observed the same thing in Chicago. I required a High School diploma or GED to apply for a job at my company in the city. Of the applicants approximately 80% could not make change for a $20 in their head nor could they write a basic, grammatically-correct business letter.

In other words they could not read, write and calculate at the level of basic competence expected of 8th graders.

Not a damn thing has changed in the intervening 20 years despite ever-escalating costs.

Yep.  And I've realized that it's not an accident.  But whether the results are malicious or unintentional, one thing is clear--both to myself and Mr. Denninger:  The public education system MUST BE DESTROYED.

No, it won't be perfect. Yes, some parents will do nothing and their kids will founder.

But the outcome will be better than it is now and eliminate all of the taxes and borrowing you consume at the same time, which is the only test that matters -- outcome. 
Anything -- including literally nothing more than paying for libraries and letting those kids who want to learn sit in them and read -- is better than what we have now.

Word.  More commentary from Le Cygne Gris:

They’re learning that it’s wrong to play with make-believe guns since guns scare the piss out of ignorant elementary school teachers who apparently lack both imagination and tolerance for others of differing worldviews. To recap, kids aren’t learning how to read or write, but they are learning that all guns, even pretend ones made out of pastries, are scary and bad. What passes for education today is nothing more than pablum and propaganda. Government-funded schools are deliberately crippling children’s intellectual development.

Why are government-funded schools doing this? Well, if history is any indication, ignorance is a good way to keep slaves from rebelling[...]

Sending your children to public school is prima facie evidence of unfit parenting.  Yes, I mean that in the most literal sense.  The evidence clearly shows that it is harming your children, not helping, and if you're not paying sufficient attention to realize that, you really shouldn't have reproduced.


  1. As someone with two advanced degrees, a former educator, and someone who occasionally wanders back into the schools as a sub, I concur. The education system isn't broken; it's functioning exactly as intended. And it must be destroyed. Trace the poisoning back to Carter and the creation of the Dept of Education in 1979; this was the beginning of Socialist indoctrination.

  2. Actually, it goes all the way back to John Dewey and Woodrow Wilson. The seeds were sown, and Carter added the water and fertilizer.


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