24 March 2013

Race != Culture

The inimitable Baldilocks has posted an unassailable argument that your upbringing, not your color, is what drives you toward success or failure.

This is true.  Now, granted, bad apples come from good families and good folks can overcome a rotten upbringing, but in general, you can't argue with this lady's analysis.

When individuals are the parents, the child will most likely do well. When government is the parent, the child will most likely do poorly and become dependent on government as well--either taking on government as one parent (illegitimate children) or both parents (going to prison). This isn't rocket science or neurosurgery. From time immemorial, children, with some exceptions, follow in the footsteps of their parents.

This is becoming a problem in America as a whole, but it is primarily a problem among black Americans, a huge one. Since the beginning of the Great Society, black illegitimacy has skyrocketed and hovered in the seventy percent area for some time. Though many black women who have been having children illegitimately are self-sufficient, all too many rely on government to feed, clothe and house themselves and their progeny and the result is demonstrated in not only the second video, but many of the other videos that the security guard, Darien Long, has posted on You Tube. And I see the result nearly every time I step outside my South Central LA home...

The progeny of human mothers and government fathers are doing what chattel slavery did not...ruining a people.


Also, watch Gay Conservative for an ongoing look at the history and circumstances surrounding the rise of the Nazis.  Not that anything similar could possibly happen here or anything.

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