24 March 2013

I don't FaceBook...

...but the Awesome Larry Correia does.  Now, granted, I haven't done all the stuff he's done, but I've had a mess of crap jobs in my life.  Yet, in 25 years, I've gone from homeless to homeowner, and I could have done it far sooner if I hadn't taken so much time to pull my head out of my ass and grow up.

In my life I've milked cows, moved hay, done construction, worked in a cheese factory, answered phones in a call center, given auto insurance quotes, sold books, wrestled drunks, been an accountant, been an auditor, taught pistol and rifle shooting, opened my own business, lost my own business, got into contracting, been a finance manager, and then a senior finance manager, and now I'm a bestselling novelist... So over my life I've gone from very poor, to poor, to middle class, back to poor, to middle class, then to upper middle class, and now I'm rich. I don't feel rich, but democrats feel that it is okay to take half of my income, so I must be rich. For all I know, I might be poor again tomorrow, but I at least I know how to cook beans and roll tortillas .

So forgive me if I don't buy into your theory that we're all trapped in some sort of friggin' caste system here. I once held a job where I had to routinely shove my entire arm up a cow's ass in order to grab its cervix and jab a straw of bull semen into it. I'm FRESH OUT OF PITY.

If you are stuck in a minimum wage job for ten years, the problem is you. If you are trying to support a family for any extended period of time on a minimum wage job, the problem is you. If you don't think the problem is you, the problem is you. If you dont' have the skills to get promoted or hired somewhere else, the problem is you. If there aren't any jobs in you area, friggin' move, but I'm betting the problem is still you.

Yep...my pity tank's run dry, too.  Well said, Larry.

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  1. I started working when I was 12 (unofficially, babysitting, lawnmowing, etc) and got my first JOB at 16. Didn't stop until my first daughter was 1 and traded a paycheck for Mommy status. I put myself through college, two degrees, with multiple part-time jobs; sometimes working two to three at the same time. I had crap jobs, fun jobs, serious jobs and WTF jobs. But each one taught me something and made me the woman I am today. I'm proud of you for pulling your head out and growing up. A lot of people never make it there.


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