17 December 2014

Dude...wait, WHAT?

Yes, the Evil, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Thisphobic, Thatphobic(good heavens, I'm just a whimpering mess of fears, aren't I?  It's a wonder I ever leave the house), and above all ISLAMOPHOBIC Wraith...is standing in the corner of...

...a Muslim.

Yes, it's true.  Because anybody who rolls like this, is all right by me.

Omar Mahmood is a student at the University of Michigan. He considers himself a political conservative and a Muslim. And until recently, he enjoyed writing for both of the campus's newspapers: the institutional, liberal paper, The Michigan Daily, and the conservative alternative paper, The Michigan Review.

After penning a satirical op-ed for The Review that mocked political correctness and trigger warnings, The Daily ordered him to apologize to an anonymous staffer who was offended and felt "threatened" by him. He refused and was fired.

Last week, he became the victim of what The College Fix has described as a "hate crime." The doorway of his apartment was vandalized in the middle of the night; the perpetrators pelted the door with eggs and scribbled notes like "shut the f*ck up" and "everyone hates you you violent prick." They left copies of the offending column and a print-out picture of Satan.

Mr. Mahmood, I salute you.  While I believe that your faith is misguided, you have the heart and attitude of a true American.  Keep on fighting, my brother!

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