14 December 2014

Welcome to the party, pal.

Perhaps the reason that two thirds of Americans don't vote, is that they just flat-out don't see the point. 

Things are going in the wrong direction.  You vote for candidates who are supposed to be against the policies that are driving us in the wrong direction, and then those candidates promptly roll over and collaborate with the people you put them in office to stop.

The game is rigged.  The Republic is dead.  I've been saying it for years, Ann's been saying it for years, and more and more people are starting to get it.

Like this guy:

It was evident what the citizens intended. At least we, the citizens, knew and understood what we wanted and intended to have happen. We wanted things to change from what was being done. We wanted that change immediately if not sooner. We made it abundantly clear in no uncertain terms. We want the insanity of big government intrusion into our lives stopped and we expected the republicans to listen and obey the voices of we the people that elected them.

Now here we are immediately after the very first test of these newly elected representatives. Heck, they haven't even been officially sworn in yet and what do we have?


Given the results of the 2010 Epic Republican Landslide, did you really expect anything different this time around? 

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