01 June 2015

A picture of stupid...

OK...so what, exactly, is there in this list that we don't support?

Humanity, civility, democracy and reason are all parts of a civilized society.  They can only be found in a civilized society.  And a civilized society is created and maintained by obedience to the rule of law(ie; the Constitution), and the means to enforce that obedience(ie; an armed populace).

This picture is made of so much I-don't-get-it that it's about to reach critical mass.  Not to mention using a bare foot to step on a rattlesnake--that takes the sort of stupid that knows what the windows on the short bus taste like.

UPDATE:  OTOH, if you read it like this..."Humanity, civility, democracy, reason--LET'S TREAD ON THEM!"

...suddenly it makes a lot more sense.  But I'm pretty sure that isn't how it was meant.


  1. Welcome to the whorizontal, pal...
    yet, I gotta lotta good news fer ya, Paw!
    1-outta-1 croaks!! YeeeHaw!!!
    God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

  2. Um...either someone's off his meds or no one gave me the codebreaking manual.


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