09 June 2015

Think homeschooling is too much trouble?

Try it while jamming gears across the country.  Of course, this was a recipe for failure, since Kerry Anderson went from participating in a useful profession to attending some Ivy League propaganda mill.  But I guess some will find this interesting:

Ms. ANDERSON: A lot of our schooling actually as integrated into what she was doing. When we know where we were going, Texas to California, for instance, we had to map out the mileage. We had to map out when we had to fuel, how fast we were going to be going, where we needed to stop, rest areas, all of that kind of thing, what our fuel mileage was going to be.
That's how she got us going on a lot of it. And then there was a program that we mailed things in. So we did it at our leisure, basically.
NORRIS: So you did it right there in the cab of the truck?
NORRIS: And was your mother someone who had a teaching background? This sounds like it was a bit of an adventure for her, too.
Ms. ANDERSON: It absolutely was. She did not have an education background, but she knew that we but she wanted us to do very well academically, and so she took it upon herself to make sure we did.
NORRIS: So when you actually transferred first to Valencia Community College and then later on to Harvard, it must have been almost boring to sit in a classroom. 

Yeah, homeschooling is way too inconvenient.  Better to leave your kids in the care of Real Professionals, who give them important and relevant coursework.

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