21 June 2015

It's been done on purpose.

Call me a tinfoil-hat weirdo(you will--you always do), but I've come to think there's something sinister behind the pussifcation of America in recent decades:

Do you really think that children who are terrified by someone pointing his finger and saying “bang” are going to lead the revolution against tyranny? No, they will cower in their tiny apartments, hoping that if they behave well enough, they’ll continue to be fed.

Do you think our ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war were afraid to climb a tree or get dirty?

Those of us who grew up this way (and who raise our children to be fearless) are the resistance against a coddled, helmeted, non-offending society that aims for a dependant populace. In a country that was built on rugged self-reliance, we are now the minority.

RTWT, and follow the links.  When did camping become child endangerment?  How did cutting one's food become a felony?  What's the impetus behind this disturbing trend...

...and who, ultimately, benefits?

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