21 June 2015

The Last Word on the Stars & Bars

The Anarchangel gives us an exceedingly well-thought analysis on the whole Confederate Flag debacle, and how both sides are simultaneously right and wrong.  Grab a beverage, it's long...

Yup, this is going to piss EVERYONE off... Which is OK, because hard to hear but important stuff does that.

Stay with me here... Don't just turn your outrage on and your brain off... Actually read and think about what I'm writing here OK?

"Both sides" of this issue, please, just read all the way through,  don't just react... because I'm going to piss EVERYONE off on this one... and I really mean that... Black, white, southern, northern, liberal, conservative... whatever... This post is probably going to piss you off at some point.

...but well worth reading and thinking about, if you honestly want to help put this issue to bed.  Of course, if your sole delight lies in "Being Right" and you don't actually give a damn about anything except shoving your own opinion down peoples' throats, well, as the man says, it's probably going to piss you off.

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