15 August 2012

Gun rights fisking 3-fer

Kevin Baker eviscerates an article in The Economist(maybe they should spend less time talking about guns and more on how the global economy is spiralling down the crapper).

3 Boxes of BS lays an intellectual smackdown on some buckethead on Huff&Blow(given the level of brainpower and independent thought required to be published there, the words "fish" and "barrel" come to mind).

And Joe Huffman, in his usual style, lays it out short, sweet and to the point.

This post brought to you by The National Coalition of Americans Who Don't Give A Damn About Your Crybaby, Whiny-Ass Opinions Concerning Our God-Given Rights.

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  1. Wraith,

    Thanks for the shout out. While it may be shooting fish in the barrel, I liken it to the fish being an invasive species.

    If we don't take prompt action; we'll regret it later when they really become a nuisance.


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