06 August 2012

More on "Homeland Ops"

The good people at Sipsey Street have a bunch more research and commentary that you really ought to take a look at.

Yet Benson seems to think that individual troop morale is his only problem. He ought to be wondering whether his orders will be obeyed at all, or, more to the point, which way the military's weapons will be aimed.
As ridiculous and faulty-premised as Benson's article is, we must take it seriously. At least some Pentagon planners are considering how to wage "anti-insurrectionary" operations against that class of folks that Obama sneeringly referred to as "the bitter clingers." That such military tyranny would be both a violation of their Constitutional oaths and treason seems not bother Benson and his ilk a whit. Thus, if the Pentagon is going to consider us potential enemies, we must give some thought to the application of Fourth Generation Warfare techniques in righteous self-defense against tyranny.
Now there's a nugget around which Benson can build his next article.
What scares me is the notion that too many soldiers will simply follow orders.  If their officers don't understand the concept of treason, will the average grunt even think twice about it?  Unfortunately, we may well have to heed the advice of this commenter:

Mark Matis said...
Let me put this succinctly:

If this country's "Leadership" gives these orders
And if the designated military units form up per these orders
And if EVERY OTHER "Law Enforcement" officer and military member do NOT immediately rise up, force these units to stand down, and arrest and execute the "Leadership" - both civilian and military - who gave these orders then

Every "Law Enforcement" officer
Every "Law Enforcement" officer's family
Every military member
Every military member's family
are the enemy, and must be dealt with under the VERY SAME Rules of Engagement they will be using against Mere Citizens.

Anywhere. At any time.
August 6, 2012 9:05 AM

Please, God...don't let it come to that.

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